Tanya Ginwala

outdoor therapy specialist

I am a psychologist, experiential educator and adventure and nature-based therapist. My therapeutic approach is informed by Narrative Practices, Trauma informed Somatic Therapies, Experiential Education and Applied Buddhist Psychology.

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The outdoor Therapy Program

I am passionate about how our individual and collective well-being is strongly interlinked with our connection with the natural world.
At Qualia Outdoor Therapy, our Outdoor Therapy programs are designed to help individuals and groups to reconnect with the self, nature and community.
Discourses around adventure and the outdoors often revolve heavily around 'challenge'. While that can be an extremely powerful way to
nudge us toward personal transformation, we want to do something different. At Qualia, we facilitate adventure experiences and nature immersion for nourishment, connection, meaning-making, and healing.
Our Program 's core principles are : Inclusion and access to nature and adventure for all, Embracing slowness and Connecting with the Body.
We offer outdoor therapy and nature based immersions for individuals, groups and organizations.
Reach out if you would like to explore possibilities of bespoke therapeutic experiences in collaboration with the natural world.

About Tanya

Tanya Ginwala is a psychologist, experiential educator and passionate adventure and nature-based therapist living in the lower Himalayas of Dharamshala, India.
Her prior professional experience ranges from rehabilitation for substance abuse to facilitating inclusive outdoor adventure experiences for persons with disability.
She is passionate about the interaction between adventure, nature and mental health, a grossly underexplored terrain in the Indian context. She has participated in and presented at various international forums including the past three editions of the International Adventure Therapy Conference, and is currently the India representative at the International Adventure Therapy Committee. At this platform, she not only gains the skill sets and networks needed to introduce the field to India but also contributes in marrying Eastern and Western schools of thought to create powerful experiences of growth and discovery for all.
She was recently awarded the Karl Rhonke Creativity Award (2023) by the Association for Experiential Education, USA for her efforts in adapting the field of outdoor therapy to the Indian context. She is a champion for the causes of inclusion and mental health awareness and passionate about decolonized understandings of mental health.
In her free time, Tanya enjoys spending time in the pine forests by her home, reading, hiking, napping in the sun and discovering new music.


We are happy to design and conduct programs for individuals and organisations. Please contact us to know more about our upcoming Outdoor Therapy Programs.

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